Effective ways to market your Law firm

Many solicitors in Sutton don’t get new clients or don’t get enough because they have a poor marketing strategy. Usually, when it comes to marketing you have to ask the question what are you focusing on. When you waste your time on the wrong activities and don’t connect with potential client you are missing out. What you will read next are a few tips that work for solicitors marketing.

Solicitor website marketing tips

Number one: is your websites designed and optimization. You have probably heard of the term SEO , but if you haven’t it stands for search engine optimization. For a solicitor, this is absolutely essential because of the competition of solicitors websites. Good SEO is better done by a professional however there are little things you can do without one. having a clear title, using keywords in both your title body and meta description of your website. However if you do not know what you’re doing you can damage your website by over using the same keyword. This is why you need a good SEO to do this for you.

Number two:, You need Social profiles. When you are trying to rank your website for example for solicitors in Sutton, you want people to find you easily. On top of this, you want Google to trust you . This is especially true because the first links on your site should be social links from facebook twitter Youtube and Google+. When you create your social profiles it’s important to place a link back to your website on the social profiles.

Number 3: interaction. Interacting with your audience is important which is why this works good on social profiles. when people are sharing and commenting or liking your social profiles or your website you have a better chance of ranking .

components of a social media plan

Number 4: Use video. You need to use video marketing to explain to your clients what you do. People are more likely to watch a video than read a text. Therefore you should put your key point into video then upload it to Youtube with your keyword. At this point, SEO will be needed to make you video ranked first for the keyword. However, it is easier to rank a video than a website. Usually, a few links going into your video should be enough.

Example video:


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Why social media is important for plumbers

Plumber nottingham social media

Social media for plumbers is extremely important. There is a lot of emphasis put on social media by the big boys themselves. Google. The question you might be asking yourself, how can it be leveraged to a plumbing contractor? What should be the focus is how to use social media to grow your business.

It is crucial to know that social media is the new “word of mouth”, the new mouth piece for recommendations. There are absolutely 4 social media properties that businesses should never ignore and these are Facebook Google + Twitter and Youtube. The reason being these are the most widely used and biggest social media platforms out there with millions if not billions of users. These are an absolute essential for a small business like plumbers need to have. Sometimes being ahead on the rankings can be a matter of whether you have social media strategy around your business or not. You will definitely grow your repeat word of mouth business.

As a plumber you can brand yourself easily when you have social media account. They also help with website SEO (search engine optimization) (link) which is determining factors that affect how a website ranks in the search engines.

Remember to set these socials for your company:
Google Plus

The more people engage on your social profile, the more your brand grows withing Google and the more your business gets shared and rewarded for it.

Steps you can take to be noticed online.

After creating your social profiles, if you have a list of customer emails you can send them an email blast about your new social profiles. Usually people who have been involved with your business will more than likely interact. However to sweeten the process you can offer incentives like discount off next job, discount for their family and friends or Something of value for FREE.
After you have your social profiles it is important to keep them active so that you can get your audience engaged and aware of your brand presence.
You also want to add links to your website or marketing material this is crucial for SEO as well as leading customers directly to your link from facebook.
A great business that has a good social media presence is this plumbers nottingham


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